Calling all youth ages 8 – 19

Windham Actors Guild is pleased to announce its Summer 2017 production of

The Emperor’s New Clothes

with Book by Karen Boettcher-Tate and Music and Lyrics by Bill Francoeur

We are looking for actors, creative and technical assistance. All roles are available. Auditions will be held Wednesday, May 31st and Thursday, June 1st from 6:00 – 8:00 PM at the Windham High School Cafeteria. If you cannot attend either of these dates, please call or email to make other arrangements. Please prepare 16 bars of a song of your choosing – singing from the show is welcome but not required. Please bring sheet music in the proper key; an accompanist will be available.

Sheet music can be downloaded (usually for a fee) from sites such as Ideally, sheet music should be printed one sided, with no staples. Pre-recorded music is allowed for this audition. No monologue is needed, but you may be asked to read from the script. Be dressed to dance.

Questions?  Please call 603-247-8634 or email

Rehersals & Show dates

The rehearsals are scheduled to start in June during the early evenings two days a week and a weekend afternoon.

Tech week begins July 23rd.

The production will take place at the Windham High School Auditorium July 28, 29 & 30.

About the Show:

The kingdom of Glump has been taxed to abstraction ever since their emperor became a pampered clothes horse with a lack of taste!  Not only is he an egotistical hypochondriac, he has three ’lovely’ daughters who are quickly becoming chips off the old blockhead.  The emperor and his family are so busy mismatching their wardrobe, the rest of the kingdom is in a shambles.  Enter two con artists who devise an ingenious plan for fleecing the emperor.  Their pitch:  a magic cloth which appears invisible to people unworthy of their position.  Naturally, everyone chooses to ’see’ the magic cloth, until the innocent candor of a child ’reveals all.’ The emperor is shamed into reforming his leadership role in society, and his spoiled daughters learn a valuable lesson in humility. 


Aaron the Minstrel                  General manager for the Emperor and narrator of the play.

Emperor Plumptoe                  Vain, egocentric hypochondriac, and clothesoholic

Dr. Smith, Dr. Jones,              The doctors look as if they belong on the lid of a cigar box.  May have accents; may be male or female.

and Dr. Drivtonsils              

Jeremy                                      Serving boy and general go-fer; Very shy. In love with Trudy.

Trudy                                        The maid. Also very shy. She only has eyes for Jeremy.

Pookie, Koochie, Snookie     The Emperor’s daughters. Loud, silly, and obnoxious.

Empress Plumptoe                 A bit of a ding-bat.

Sargent Neener                       Sargent in the Glump Army

Miss Penelope Method          Superintendent of School

Cordelia Gleedrival                 Representative of B.A.R.F. She oozes with sweetness and light.

Mr. Wart and Mr. Hog           Swindlers Extraordinaire

Very Old Man/Woman          

Small Boy