The Music Man

The Music Man Production Team

Directed by James Ferguson
Music Direction by Keith Belanger
Stage Manager David R. Ramsey

About The Show

Performed April 2012 at the Windham High School.

Harold Hill, a con man who poses as a boys' band organizer and leader and sells band instruments and uniforms to the naive Iowa townsfolk, promising to train the members of the new band. But Harold is no musician and plans to skip town without giving any music lessons. Prim librarian and piano teacher Marian sees through him, but when Harold helps her younger brother overcome his lisp and social awkwardness, Marian begins to fall in love. Harold risks being caught to win her.

The Music Man is a musical with book, music, and lyrics by Meredith Willson, based on a story by Willson and Franklin Lacey.

Cast of Characters (in order of appearance)

Traveling Salesmen Richard Bouchard, Jon Bove, Jim Koniers, Tom Seniow, Dwight Stearns, Galen Stearns
Charlie Cowell Rick Adams
Conductor Charles Basner
Harold Hill Keith Strang
Mayor Shinn Christopher Cohen
Quartet - Ewart Dunlop Jim Koniers
Quartet - Oliver Hix Charles Basner
Quartet - Jacey Squires Tom Seniow
Quartet - Olin Britt Jon Bove
Marcellus Washburn Billy J. Pomerleau
Tommy Djilas Jake Simard
Marian Paroo Emily Mayne
Mrs. Paroo Kate Burns
Amaryllis Victoria InDelicato, Kayla Joyce
Winthrop Paroo Andrew Bove, Samuel Cohen
Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn Lori Georgy
Zaneeta Shinn Madison Enos
Gracie Shinn Haley Enos
Ladies - Alma Hix Jennifer Holbrook
Ladies - Maud Dunlop Irene Cohen
Ladies - Ethel Toffelmier Diane Enos
Ladies - Mrs. Squires Debra Talcott
Constable Locke Richard Bouchard
River City Townspeople Cori Adams, Rick Adams, Robin Berry, Jennifer Gagne, Donna InDelicato, Katelyn Parker, Dwight Stearns, Galen Stearns
Teen Ensemble Alexis DiTrapano, Haley Enos, Julia Enos, Madison Enos, Sarah Georgy, Nicholas Holmes, Euginia Schipelliti, Jake Simard
Youth Ensemble Quinn Adams, Tristan Adams, Tucker Adams, Andrew Bove, Meaghan Breton, Molly Carlson, Sam Cohen, Amelia DiPerri, Kaitlyn Flammia, Victoria InDelicato, Jake Joyce, Kayla Joyce, Brooke McLaughlin, Emma Noyes, Helen Washington
Understudy for Marian Paroo Katelyn Parker
Understudy for Maud Dunlop Jennifer Gagne