Windham on Broadway

Windham on Broadway

Director and Musical Director: Michele Henderson; Assistant Musical Director: Jonathan Yourtee; Choreographer: Jackie Coffin; Producer: Michelle Joyce

About The Show

Windham on Broadway was preformed January 2011 and was the first of many successful productions by Windham Actors Guild.  This revue show was to launch the then, newly established theater group.  This concept show brought Broadway musical into Windham's every day life, with familiar old favorites such as music from Annie, Bye Bye Birdie, and Fiddler on the Roof as well as many others, and setting them into familiar locations around the Town of Windham.  This show created by Michele Henderson was brought to life with love, humor and above all respect for each stories' original message.

The Cast

Alexander Antonakos                               Mike Joanis

Rebecca Antonakos                                  Kayla Marie Joyce

Charles Basner                                          Jonathan Kaplan

Richard Bouchard                                    Adam Lavoie

Holly Breton                                              Kira Lavoie

Jackie Coffin                                             John LeBlanc

Chris Cohen                                              Tayla Lemieux

Irene Cohen                                             Debbie Mackenzie

Samuel Cohen                                          Donna Mahoney

Madison Dube                                         Molly McAlpine

Jana El-Sayed                                          Brooke McLaughlin

Brittany Fronk                                        Taylor Morin

Lori Georgy                                              Denis Riendeau

Mary Griffin                                             Angela Sanscrainte

Jennifer Holbrook                                  Caitlin Schaub

John Hollinger                                        Stephanie Simms

Nick Holmes                                            Taunia Soderquist

Donna Indelicato                                    Debra Talcott

Victoria Indelicato                                  Samantha Weis

Joel Iwaskiewicz                                     Anna Avagelsky

Emma Joanis                                          Annabelle Zvagelsky