The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Production Team

Director: Debera Lund;
Stage Manager: Rosemarie Kelly;
Produced by: Keith Strang;
Scenic Design: Hannah Joy Hopkins;
Set Construction: Rich Bouchard;
Props: Rana Ata;
Lighting: Jackie Fitzgerald-Boyd & Dan Merriman

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson (Samuel French)

About The Show

Performed December 8, 9 & 10, 2017 at Searles School & Chapel, Windham, NH

In this Christmas classic, a couple struggling to put on a church Christmas pageant is faced with casting the Herdman kids--probably the most inventively awful kids in history. You won't believe the mayhem - and the fun - when the Herdmans collide with the Christmas story head on!

This delightful comedy is adapted from the best-selling Young Adult book, and has become a holiday staple for groups across the United States! Features plenty of great roles for children and adults, a few favorite Christmas Carols, and a lot of laughs!

Cast of Characters

Character Cast Member Name
Grace Bradley Colleen Strang
Beth Bradley Lillian Strang
Charlie Bradley Emerson Carrecedo
Bob Bradley Rick Adams
Ralph Herdman Tennyson Brea
Imogene Herdman Kayla Joyce
Leroy Herdman Chris Maio
Claudia Herdman Maria Turriza
Olivia Herdman Sage Ulery
Gladys Herdman Meghan Koeningsbauer
Mrs. Armstrong Deb Talcot
Mrs. Slocum Beth Koeningsbauer
Mrs. Clark Katya Torres
Mrs. Clausing Jennifer Carracedo
Mrs. McCarthy Amanda Testa
Maxine Erica LeFebvre
Elma Hopkins Emily Tanquay
Hobie Tucker Adams
Dana Cait Hilderbrandt
Beverly Abby St. Laurent
Alice Wendleken Kathryn William
Shirley Allison Cole
Juanita Allie Reimer
Doris Rosa Chinosi
Reverend Hopkins Bob Carolan
Angel Choir Grace St. Laurent